Un café sans musique c’est rare à Paris

105′ HD | fiction | Germany/France 2019

cast: Jana Klein, Liliane Rovère, Jutta Wernicke, Rainer Sievert, Pierre Mignard,
Nirina Sievert, Laurent Gauriat, Valérie Moinet et Pascal Bernier, Claudie Decultis,
Charles Fage, Thomas Périno, Stéphane Schoukroun
script: Johanna Pauline Maier, Peter von Jung
camera: Sarah Blum
sound: Eric Aurégan
coproduktion: Münchner Filmwerkstatt e.V. (Martin Blankemeyer)
with Constellation Factory Paris (François Xavier Frantz) and HFF Munich
distribution: Drop-Out Cinema
video on demand: KinoHerzAmazonGoogle PlayiTunes

Un Café sans musique c'est rare à Paris, film de Johanna Pauline Maier

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A woman arrives in a foreign city – Paris. We see her meeting different people, and each time she changes into someone else, just like a chameleon turning another colour when it changes his environment. Here, she is a stranger, there, she becomes an old friend, the wife, the mother … up to the moment, when she meets her own doppelganger. The film is the portrait of a woman, who fathoms a big city. And it is the portrait of a city and it’s inhabitants, who transform a woman.

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